About Us

Our company “Mayoora agrro food private limited” is a Partnership firm started with four partners, since 8th February 2013. In 2012 we explored for innovative business opportunity and made a market research all over Tamilnadu. With respect to our valiant research we found the precious ancient millets and traditional rice. Millets and traditional rice are very good for health. Nowadays people forget these kind of rice which our ancestors consumed 50 years ago. So we made a conscious effort to re-launch these products in this modern trend to make a healthy future generation. Basically our products are rich in iron, fiber, protein, calcium which are good for health, so we found various methods to incorporate millets in health mix form for our consumers. We launched more than 36 healthy food varieties for our day-to-day life .We are proud to say that our company is a leading health food manufacturer in millet based food products in Tamilnadu