Are millets good for babies?

Yes, millets are good for babies. Malted Millets powder are more appropriate for babies than others like Cerelac. In our tradition, babies were fed with different millets from 6 months onwards.

How to cook Millets?

Millets are similar to Rice and Wheat. Our page “Recipies” will guide you in this aspect.

How often can I take Millets?

Millets are one of those diets that have no harmful side-effects. They are beneficial to your body and therefore good to consume daily in large quantity.

Are Millets only for Diabetics?

No, certainly not. Millets are good for Diabetic patients and are recommended by physicians. They also play a major role in prevention of Type-2 Diabetes. Moreover they protect our body from numerous other Ailments. They are full of natural plant nutrients essential for normal body metabolism.

Can Millets be really tasty?

Yes, Millets are widely used to make Muffins, Pancakes and Indian dish named Puttu.

Can pregnant women consume Millets?

Yes, In fact they should eat Millets as they provide all the essential nutriments for tissues growth and are rich in Iron and Calcium. Mothers with gestational diabetes should consume Millets, this would reduce the problem. Millets will help to increase baby’s immunity as well.

Are Millets only for Aged?

No, Millets are good for all age sets ranging from new born babies to Aged. They are easy to digest and therefore suitable diet for new born babies; has all the essential minerals and amino acids and therefore youngsters can’t deny them; protects against innumerable ailments and therefore best for Aged.