About Mayoora Millets:

Mayoora – a brand well-known for its Fine/High Quality Natural Health Food Products, is now launching Mayoora Millets. Millets rank first among the Traditional Health Foods. They played the leading role as main food components in Indo-Chinese Civilization. We lost the link with our Traditional diet system. Ailments like Diabetes and High/Low Blood Pressure has become customary these days. Our aspiration is to bring back the lost glories of our Heritage and to make people lead a healthy, disease-free and refreshingly happy. If you are looking for a healthy food with no harmful side effects, Millets are the most-appropriate.

We hearty welcome you to the world of Millets – Ancient-most health food.

About Millets:

Millets are small-grained grasses grown world wide as cereal crops. They grow well in Africa and Indian Sub-continent. Millets are one of the ancient-most food crops known to humans. They are well-known for their short growing duration. Usually the duration ranges from 60 – 70 days. They rank first in yielding essential nutriments to body metabolism. Hence they’re world’s first health diet. There are about 6000 varieties of millets in world varying in colour from pale-yellow to red.

Millets – A Historical Overview.

Millets date-back to Chinese Civilization in 4500 BC. Some recorded writings of 2800 BC gives directions of Millet cultivation. People of Northern India during Pre-Historic age also seemed to be cultivating Millets. Millets travelled their way to Middle-East and Northern Africa. Thus they formed the main diet in Sumerian civilization as well in 2500 BC. Egyptians learned from Africans how to cultivate millets. Millets remained as major food crop in Chola dynasty (875-1279 AD), a secret weapon behing their victories over other dynasties.

Why Whole Grains?

Millets are ancient-most health food used pretty much as a common food source by our Ancestors. They are highly-nourishing food corps making both the producer and consumer happy. They can yield a good harvest within a little period of time thus helping the farmers and do a world of good to those who consume them. Millets are good for Children, young and aged as they are easily digestible and highly nourishing. Millets form an effective shield against Modern day Ailments

  • Helps your Heart: Rich source of Anti-oxidants, thus protecting your heart.
  • Lowers the risk of Diabetes: When compared to rice and wheat, Millets releases less amount of glucose into blood thus reducing the possibility of Diabetes.
  • Rich in Minerals: Millets are good source of Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorous and Potassium. Millets make your meal a complete package of all the goodness Mother Nature can yield.
  • High in Proteins: Contains all of the essential amino acids needed for muscle growth and stress reduction.
  • Easy to Digest: Millets are non-glutinous and they don’t form acids during digestive cycle, thus easy to digest.
Other Advantages of whole grains :
  • Millets are least-allergic and most easily digestible.
  • Dietary fibers in Millets, lowers triglycerides in blood which could become cholesterol.
  • Millets have a huge reserve of lecithin, which helps our nervous system.
  • Magnesium in Millets reduces the risk of Migraine attacks.
  • Millets are rich in Phosphorous, a building block of genetic code.
  • Protect against gallstones, wheezing and asthma among children and women.
  • Best suited for postmenopausal Women who have Heart-ailments, High Cholesterol and Blood Pressure.
  • Phytonutrients in Millets protect against Breast Cancer.